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Best Straightening Hair Brushes of 2016

The top performers in our  hair straightening brush reviews are the Dafni Hair straightening brush, the Gold Award winner; LittleBlack Hairbrush, the Silver Award winner; and the Apalus Brush, the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on selecting a hair straightening brush to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of 3 products.


If you are like me and the many other women, you look at your hair and wish for the opposite of that hair that you were born with. Those with sleek, straight hair often fantasize about a head of kinky curls, while ladies with thick, wavy locks are often envious of those who can hop out of bed, brush their hair, and achieve a healthy, straight, and shinny hair style. Fortunately, we have new breed of styling products that just came on the market that can help you achieve nearly any look you want. Straight hair is now easier to achieve, finally!

These new hair straightening brushes are versatile tools that you can use to remove any hint of a curl, regardless of your hair type. They work by straightening your hair while brushing it. You can also use your hair straightening brush to create curls in your hair, even though these hair straighteners are not specifically designed to do so. The biggest competition  for these hair straightening brushes is the time tested flat iron. However, not all straighteners are created equally.

There are many things to consider when shopping for a hair straightening brush,  your hair texture, size of the brush, brand reputation, support, and ceramic plate type. It’s important to take your time , research, and find the best hair straightening brush for your hair to avoid causing damage to the hair shaft. Such heat damage can cause split ends that can leave your hair looking frizzier and drier than it originally was.

Even with the right type of hair straightening brush, you are bound to see slight damage if you use your hair straightening brush frequently over an extended period of time. This doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t straighten your hair. You will, however, need to take extra care of your hair to make up for it. Be sure to apply a hot oil treatment or a hair mask periodically to restore the natural balance of the cuticle. You should also be sure to brush gently and avoid brushing and straightening wet hair.

Plate Material

One of the most important factors in what hair straightener you should purchase is the type of material the plates are. The most common amongst all hair straightening brush is ceramic. Please be sure that whatever brush you choose has this.

Ceramic plates are the most common type used in hair straightening brushes. Solid ceramic tends to be soft and radiate heat to the inner shaft of the hair, which can reduce the chance of hot spots on the plate to ensure the heat is distributed evenly. Ceramic plates tend to not need as much heat, which can also save the hair from damage. Solid ceramic plates are also an excellent choice because the surface area is remarkably smooth, so the plates glide along with your hair without catching.

Understanding Effects of Heat

Not all hair is created the same, so you can’t use the same temperature on different people’s hair. Healthy hair can usually withstand hotter temperatures, while damaged and color-treated hair requires a straightener that allows a lower temperature, or you run the risk of burning the ends and causing further damage. Thick and coarse hair also requires a higher temperature setting in order to smooth down thick cuticles.

There’s no doubt that heat can damage hair. Higher temperatures can change the composition of hair faster, which can cause more stress than a straightener that takes a long time to heat up. If you smell burnt hair at all, you are scorching the ends of your hair. The result is dry and damaged locks in a short amount of time. Make sure that the hair straightening brush you choose has adjustable heat settings.

Considering Costs

The amount of money you can expect to spend on a hair straightening brushes is related to the quality. You may be tempted to pick up a cheap, off brand straightener to save money, but the havoc it will wreak on your hair may not be worth it. Cheaper hair straightening brushes do not perform as well and tend to not hold heat while straightening. Quality straightenering  brushes like the Dafni or LittleBlack Hairbrush may cost a bit more, but they are made with more durable materials. They last longer, help you achieve the look you desire, and can provide you with healthy, beautiful hair. The best thing to do when looking for the best hair straightening brush is to weigh the cost with respect to the quality.

How to Straighten Hair
Here is a video that I found that does a good job with explaining how to use a hair straightening brush.

How to use your LittleBlack Hairbrush from tf7 on Vimeo.

Care of Hair Straightening brushes

Because many hair straighteners are expensive investments, proper care is important to keeping your hair straightening brush looking like new and to maintain its effectiveness. Over time, styling products like heat protectant can cause a thick and sticky buildup on the plates. Not only can this increase the likelihood of heat damage to your hair, residue can also leave your hair looking dull and lifeless over time. Residue usually results in a brown, burnt color.

To remove this residue, dampen a towel with warm water. Make sure the plates are slightly warm. Do this by allowing your hair straightening brush to cool down after you use it or heating it up for approximately three minutes. Unplug the hair straightening brush. Rub the plates gently  with a towel until the residue is completely gone. If water is not enough to clean the plates, try a hot tool cleaner. Completely cover the plates of the hair straightening brush with tool cleaner. Spray bottles work best. Spray evenly and use a towel to wipes the plates clear of residue. There are likely to be a few products in your medicine cabinet and pantry that can help you keep the plates clean. Make a paste of peroxide and baking soda and allow the paste to sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Wipe it on with a clean towel.

Warnings for Cleaning

Never use hard tools on the plates of your hair straightening brush. This can scratch the coating and damage the unit. Once the plates have been damaged, it can also break the hair as it passes through the plates. Do not use the hair straightening brush immediately after it has been cleaned. Allow it to dry completely. Also, allow the hair straightening brush to heat for a few minutes before using for the first time to ensure all remaining cleaning products burn off the plates and not into your hair.

Before you attempt any cleaning, make sure you unplug the hair straightening brush to prevent the risk of damage or injury. Don’t wait too long to clean your hair straightening brush, as excessive buildup on the plates can damage them and cause the device to stop working correctly. Lastly, although it may be tempting to touch the plates to test if they have cooled down enough, it’s not a good idea, as they may cause burns if they’re still too hot.

Test Results

To test these hair straightening brushes, a volunteer group of individuals with a variety of hair types were chosen to test the various kinds of straighteners. Appropriate plate types were matched with particular hair types to ensure the best results from the testing. The findings below show how we evaluated each hair straightening brush.

Because heat is one of the most important determining factors in how effective a hair straightener is, another consideration is the number of temperatures the hair straightening brush can achieve. Preset temperatures and adjustable temperatures, like those on the LittleBlack Hairbrush, can determine whether or not a particular straightener will work on a given hair type.

User Experience

The best hair straightening brushes not only straighten your hair effectively, they are also easy to use and comfortable throughout the hair straightening process. The weight of the hair straightening brush is one thing that determines how comfortable you are when straightening your hair. A heavy straightening brush is awkward to use and causes your arm to tire easily, especially if you have long hair. Typically, the larger the straightening brush, the heavier it is. Subjects in our tests preferred the lightweight hair straighteners over those that weighed more, even if they cost more.

Features & Extra Accessories

Added niceties are what separates a really good hair straightening brushes from an average one. While these pluses aren’t usually tiebreakers, they are often nice to have. LittleBlack Hairbrush and Dafni were the only ones to come with some type of warranty that guards against manufacturers defects. For cheaper models, you are on your own.

Hair Straighteners: Our Verdict & Recommendations


Based on all of the factors to consider when looking for the best hair straightener, the top three hair straighteners in our review are the Dafni hair straightening brush, our Gold Award Winner; the LittleBlack Hairbrush, our Silver Award Winner; and the Apalus, our Bronze Award winner. These three devices stood out from the others with the quality of their craftsmanship, the type and size of their plates, and how effectively they heat up and maintain their heat.

Gold Award Winner


The Dafni hair straightening brush is the most popular hair straightener in our lineup. More importantly, it’s also the best, taking the title of our Gold Award winner. It delivers excellent heat conductivity, is small to give you greater control, and has  ceramic plates for increased performance.

The Dafni hair straightener offers something for all hair types. The device has a larger price tag than the others in this review, but the number of options and features make this an all-around top choice.

PROS / It has unbeatable design and craftsmanship

CONS / It is the most expensive at $300 out of all of the brands.

VERDICT / The Dafni hair straightening brush is the best hair straightener we tested. It has everything you need to style any hair type quickly, and it is easy to use.

Where to buy the Dafni hair straightening brush: Amazon.
Silver Award Winner



The LittleBlack  hairbrush came in a very close second to Dafni. The hair straightener was the second best in terms of quality, performance, and ease of use. The Little Black hair brush also had excellent heat conductivity, is small to give you greater control, and has  ceramic plates for increased performance.

PROS / The best performance and craftsmanship for the price, $39.

CONS / The control buttons are not in a ideal spot.

VERDICT / The LittleBlack Hairbrush is the best hair straightening brush for the money.

Where to buy the LittleBlack Hairbrush: